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Our Lady of Lourdes Ex Students Association, UK (LESA UK) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2004. All its members are resident in the United Kingdom and share a common purpose with the wider alumni organisation of Our Lady of Lourdes College, Bamenda, Cameroon.

LESA UK has sister organisations in Cameroon, Canada and USA, which all subscribe to a philosophy of unity, love and service and provides an environment for sisterhood. LESA UK has set out to fully engage in humanitarian and philanthropic projects and it is for this reason that LESA UK Charity was created and formally registered in September 2008.  The group holds quarterly meetings and organises various fundraising events in order to support its charitable objective.

Our alma mater, Our Lady of Lourdes College, Bamenda, Cameroon was opened in October 1963 by Reverend Fr Matthew Nabben at a time when formal education for women was still not common place.  The school was entrusted into the care of the Missionary Holy Rosary Sisters who continue to provide a holistic education for girls and develop in them values of honesty, integrity, self discipline and hard work.  Over the years, the school has had outstanding educational achievements and prepared many girls for success in their different pathways.

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